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What's New in FDA-iRISK 2.0

Process Models

  • Maximum Population Density (MPD) now included for microbial models
  • "Increase by Addition" now handles rare event additions
  • Variability distributions now include: Beta, Beta General, Normal (Truncated), and Triangular (Truncated)

Dose Response Models

  • Microbial hazards now include: Threshold Linear and Weibull
  • Acute chemical hazards now include: Cumulative Lognormal and Weibull
  • Chronic chemical hazards now include: Log-Logistic with Background, Probit, Restricted Weibull, and Restricted Log Probit

Consumption Models

  • Chronic consumption can now be defined in "g/kg-day"
  • Variability distributions now include: Beta, Beta General, Lognormal, Normal (Truncated), and Triangular (Truncated)

Sensitivity Analysis

  • Access a new tab for sensitivity analysis directly from Edit Risk Scenario page, to answer "what-if" questions
  • Perform sensitivity analysis on acute and chronic risk scenario
  • Analyze any model component
  • Print a report on sensitivity analysis results

Model Management

  • Create multiple repositories to manage your models
  • Share model repositories separately
  • Import and copy individual model elements


  • Enhanced report layout
  • Options for Word and Excel reports
  • Include weighted scenarios when generating risk estimates and scenario ranking reports
  • Report results for risk scenarios for chronic exposure as annualized or full lifespan
  • Multiple options for ranking risk estimates

Risk Scenarios

  • Create risk scenarios for exposure only models

UI Experience

  • Plotted dose response models and distribution charts for graphic representations of dose response relationships and variability in contamination and consumption